What you need to know about this forum and how to get in

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    What you need to know about this forum and how to get in

    Post  Reaper of the Cards on Tue Mar 13, 2012 4:44 pm

    This is Team Hordes of Darkness' forum. It is a Yu-Gi-Oh! team, that has been formed for some years now [its core at least] and it recently got a forum. We strive to be the best in this game, and this place is a valuable tool in doing so.

    Joining the team is something optional that will happen [if you want of course] later. Someone can choose to stay only a forum member, and not become occupied with any of the team's duties/business.

    To enter the team, someone can notify any of the team's staff members of his/her decision and they will contact him/her ASAP. Further info/way for entering the team is the site Dueling Network [www.duelingnetwork.com]. A dueling platform that we use for duels when members are not near to each other. Look for me there [Reaper of the Cards] and let me know of your decision about entering the team. Also you can do that with any of this forum's staff people, if online. These are:

    Reaper of the Cards
    Mits Lee

    I hope that these information will be proven useful. From Hordes of Darkness and her people, thanks for visiting the forum!


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