3-0 Locals with the six samurai


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    3-0 Locals with the six samurai

    Post  tzaflidisp on Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:37 pm

    I went today after a long time with the Samurai in the tournament in my area and I did very well. The truth is that I didn’t found any resistance.

    1st round vs. a weird anti-meta (I think)
    Game 1: I start with a magatama set and a legendary six samurai enishi in atk position end I end my turn. In his round he summons the Chow Len the Prophet and says that the set card I have is a trap and next he attacks to enishi and finishes his round with 2 sets.At my next turn I draw the elder and special summon him then I activate my asceticism to summon the kagemusha I sent both to the grave to summon the shi en I do an attack at Chow Len ihe activates a prison and I negate it at the main phase 2 I set one more magatama and ending my turn at my end turn he activates the call of the haunted to bring back the Chow Len. At the start of his main phase he activates the effect of Chow Len and chooses again the trap he sets a card and ends his turn> I draw a kizan but I don’t summon him I declare an attack against his Chow Len and he tries to activate a forbidden lance. After that I end my turn. At his turn he doesn’t make summon or sets cards. I summon then my kizan and the grandmaster that I have drawn this turn and go for an attack and that game ends here.
    Game 2 the second game was quicker he gives the first turn to me. In my turn I start with 2 dojo 1 gateway a smoke signal and a asceticism and I end my turn with a shi en, grandmaster, shadow, kageki and great shogun on the field and an enishi shien’s chancellor and a legendary six samurai enishi in my hand. In his turn summons a rai oh and eguip him with a mage power I let him continue and he set other 4 cards and he finishes his turn The next 2 round have end with no one make moves. Until I go for an attack with kageki making him 3500 atk I have lost 900 lp but now I can summon enishi to destroy the rai oh and at the next round I have won the game

    2nt round vs. Samurai
    Game 1: the first turn was very quick when he saw my turn ends with a shi en grandmaster and great sogun and 2 set he gives up.
    Game 2: My opponent starts with a zanji, shi en and great shogun and have onyy spell in my hand. It was my turn to give up and go for the 3rd game
    Game 3: I start with a zenmaines and 2 set. He plays a dojo and summons the zanji and ends the turn. I do an attack against zanji and I set a card at the end of turn I destroy him with the effect of zenmaines. In his turn summons the spirit of the six samurai sents the dojo to grave to special summon kagemusha then I activate my set chain disappearance to remove his kagemusha and he chains the asceticism to summon elder after that all the kagemusha have go out of play with the elder and spirit makes a Muzurhythm the String Djinn and goes to attack at zenmaines ending to have no monsters in his end phase. At the next turn when he saw me summoning shi en he gives up again.

    3rd round vs. Chaos Dragons
    Game 1: He have nothing to normal summon for a couple rounds and he lose the game
    Game 2: He has do everything he can in one round and he beats me
    Game 3: In my first turn I summon shi en and 1 set. At his fist turn he summon lyla hoping for a good mill he mills only traps At my next turn I have attacked tat lyla and I end my turn . In his next turn he summon an another lyla hopping again for a good mill nothing again and he ends his turn. In my turn I go for an attack at lyla and ending again my turn. At his turn when he saw what he have draw gives up.
    3-0 and 1st place cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers

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