Dueling Network Updates


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    Dueling Network Updates

    Post  Nemessie on Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:02 pm

    If you were on DN earlier you might have noticed DN basically kicked you out of there. This was due to maintenance and some updates which I am presenting here.

    1. Counters:
    Yes counters are here. The UI for counters has now been added to Dueling Network so you can use all your favorite cards without getting confused about "how many counter do I have??" You can also now use counters as a tracking method for cards that count turns such as "Swords of Revealing Light." (This is not the proper way to use counters, but duelists may find this useful.)

    Counters are located next to the Life Points bar. The interface is a simple drag and place method. Click on the counter image and drag your counter to a location of your choice. If the counter can be placed on that location, the counter image will glow a different color. After letting go of the mouse, the counter will be added on that card and will display a number, showing the total number of counters now on that card (1.) A message will appear in the duel chat also stating that a counter has been added. To add more counters to that same card, simply drag another counter onto it, the number display will increase by 1 for every counter you add (the maximum counter limit is 99.) To remove a counter, simply click the counter image on a card and drag it off the card. You can also remove all counters quickly by setting the card or removing it from the field.

    2. Remove field options for Xyz Monsters:
    Xyz Monsters now can be sent to the Graveyard, banished, or returned to the Extra Deck without detaching all materials first. Performing any of these actions will send all materials that were attached to that Xyz Monster to the Graveyard. (If a card like Macro Cosmos is face-up on the field, you should banish the materials first as per normal, as the cards will always be sent to the Graveyard.)

    3. Banish from the top of your Deck face down:
    A button requested for a very long time. DN now allows the top Deck card to be banished face down. This allows you to play not only "Esper Girl" but cards like "Lightforce Sword" as well. This can be done by returning the card selected by Lightforce Sword to the top of the Deck, then banishing it face-down.

    4. Quality Settings:
    By right clicking on Dueling Network, you can set quality as: Low, Medium or High. This should help people who claim they experience lag when dueling or using Dueling Network in general. The shuffling animation has also been reprogrammed to hopefully be smoother.

    Edit:Someone plz make this an announcement, I forgot to.
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    Re: Dueling Network Updates

    Post  Weedy on Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:30 pm

    so that's for that new button

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