Team's history, the staff, its philosophy, expectations and the future

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    Team's history, the staff, its philosophy, expectations and the future

    Post  Reaper of the Cards on Tue Mar 20, 2012 3:44 pm

    Hordes of Darkness is the name of this team that has been created a few years back by 4 friends, as their way of uniting in the Yu-Gi-Oh! world. Coincidental or not, this team survived through time, these 4 friends stayed together and now the team has been given a chance to become larger, more solid and more powerful.

    I am its Leader. I am the one everything goes through before they materialize. Creator of this forum, an admin in Dueling Network and a KONAMI judge (RC-1 Certified).
    Dungeon Master and Sylveraine is the supervisors. Dungeon Master, a retired player, who has been brought back to manage this forum. Sylveraine is the second one, a very skilled player and also excellent in rulings. They are the ones that everyone will address their problems/questions to.
    A7 and Mits Lee are the team's testers. A candidate for the team will have to go through them. They decide who will be added to the team and who will remain only a forum member. With both of them being admins in Dueling Network, they are extremely skilled with rulings/plays. A request for joining the team will be addressed to them.
    Kowalski is our team judge. Also a DN admin, very competent with rulings, he is in charge of answering rulings questions and providing help on these matters, among others.

    Staff positions are permanent, and the groups closed. Meaning that a change in staff will happen in extremely rare occasions. Only In-Game Admins have a shot of applying for a staff position here.

    The team's philosophy is development and advancement in all fields that matter for the game. Rulings, deck assessments, tutorials, strategies and many more, this is the place to bring them. Everyone will do their best to bring new ideas to this team, and assist its members in every way possible. Of course there will be subjects for off-topic conversations (we are not THAT strict!).

    Yet, users have to post. That is the only expectation we have from our users. Inactive users will be deleted from the forum/team, after being given a warning.

    Respect. Power and respect, these are our two targets. And we will work hard to reach them. Spread the name, and make this team a respectable team in the field of TCG gaming.

    Hordes of Darkness staff.


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