Prohibition / Psi-blocker Rulings


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    Prohibition / Psi-blocker Rulings

    Post  tzaflidisp on Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:14 pm

    "I made up a helpful list to help others understand Prohibition/Psi-Blocker.

    Let's say that "Machina Fortress" is declared.

    You cannot do this with it:
    Normal Summon (includes Gemini Summon).
    Set without a card effect.
    Special Summon without a card effect that starts a Chain.
    Use as Fusion Material.
    Use as Synchro Material.
    Use as Xyz Material.
    Declare an attack.
    Change its battle position manually.
    Activate or apply its effects (If it's a Spell/Trap Card, you cannot activate the card in the first place).

    You can do this with it:
    Special Summon it through a card effect like "Monster Reborn."
    Add it to your hand through the effect of "Machina Gearframe."
    Tribute it for the cost for the second effect of "Enemy Controller."
    Change its battle position through the effect of "A/D Changer."
    Use it for a Ritual Summon.
    Use it for the effect of "Future Fusion."
    Use it as Tribute for the Tribute Summon of any applicable monster."

    Note: Source - AntiTcb here

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